Message from Deputy Executive Director-2

DED2-SIRTMSS is a national level philanthropic Non-government organization, which is working for poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, empowerment of women, providing necessary health care services to the poor and underprivileged people and involved in overall humanitarian services. During its inception in 1980, TMSS observes that the poor and underprivileged people of Bangladesh are deprived of necessary health care services as well as there are shortage of required health professionals and workers in Bangladesh; and to address these needs, TMSS has established its Health Sector. Under Health Sector of TMSS, there are several hospitals and clinics including 1000 bedded Rafatullah Community Hospital and a number of educational institutions to produce qualified health professionals and workers. TMSS Nursing College is one of the distinguished private sector nursing colleges in Bangladesh, which is one of the major projects operated under the supervision of the TMSS Health Sector. TMSS Nursing College has a significant contribution in producing qualified Nurses and Midwifes. Currently, 244 nurses, who have passed from TMSS Nursing College, are working in various government hospitals. The institutions held the first position in results among the nursing colleges under Rajshahi University. The teachers and staffs of this institution are dedicated to ensure and maintain the quality of education. I, on behalf of TMSS Health Sector, do express my gratitude and pray for the further success of TMSS Nursing College.

Rtn. Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman

Deputy Executive Director-2, TMSS